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Our Team


Wouter Wouters

Head of Invest & CFO

Wouter holds a master's degree in Business Engineering and graduated in 2015. Before joining Deparco, he gained his first professional experience at PwC.

Over the years, Wouter had the opportunity to deepen his skills and knowledge by supporting entrepreneurs, start- and scaleups on the challenges they face.



Ann Beutels

Head of Real Estate & COO

Ann is a multi-disciplinary, positive and goal driven person. She holds a masters degree in Business Engineering and gained experience in Facility Management, Office Construction, Project & Portfolio Management, ICT Application Development & Management, Marketing and Business Intelligence in multiple sectors. All these experiences serve her to run and develop our professional real estate in cooperation with our entire team.


Bruno Denys


Bruno holds master degrees in Computer Science and Control Engineering. He worked for several US based international software companies. As from 1999 he has advised and coached more than 20 startups and scale-ups. As Investor he is actively involved in the member companies of Deparco. He likes to learn continuously and to pass on his knowledge to his colleagues and co-workers.


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